howtoselling - The New Perception of Selling

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Learn now How to Sell with:

Win On Sale, A New Perception Of Sale And Its 22 Basic Principles Or A Guide For The Modern Seller

Author Christos Stilianidis

Nowadays, modern seller does not need to convince anyone. He does not have to "manage" or "deal with" any objections of any potential customer.

By learning all sale techniques and putting them into practice every day, he takes full advantage of every day's "capacity" and thus he makes purchases and helps modern people to do what they love to do since their childhood: to buy constantly wherever they are so as to confirm themselves and improve their lifestyle on a daily basis according to the concept of our modern, consuming society: "I buy things, hence I exist" or even better "I do not buy things, hence I do not exist!!!". 

This is the New Perception of Sale. And it's global.         

Make now more sales in an easier, smarter and more efficient way than ever before.

Discover how:

We help people do what they like the most: buy things.

We should take advantage of each day’s “capacity” so as to have as many sales as possible.

It does not matter how cheap or expensive we are.

We should be flexible towards the customer.

We should apply all sale techniques (internal, external, telemarketing).

We get to the “zero point” of the sale

With the help of the 22 Basic Principles regarding sales, we will be transformed to Professional Sellers.

The present book is a Complete Guide addressing to Modern Sellers.